Welcome To Fiona Bourke – School of Speech and Drama

Fiona Bourke School of Speech and Drama has become synonymous with a high standard of speech and drama training and a child centered, encouraging approach and modern syllabus.

In our classes we work on confidence building, effective communication, acting, puppetry, public speaking, poetry, games, role-play storytelling, mime, team-building accent and speech work.

Our speech and drama classes equip each student with many important tools to help them to achieve their full potential. While learning and developing a whole range of techniques, students develop their personality, interact with their peers, enjoy new skills and most of all have lots of fun, in a lively and creative environment. In this way, students gain a confidence, which will carry and support them throughout their lives.

We are passionate about what we do and share that passion with our students, which is reflected and in the feedback we receive from adjudicators and examiners. Our classes are about much more than performance.

Speech & Drama School

Our classes focus on confidence building, effective communication, acting, puppetry, poetry, theatre games, role-play storytelling, mime, team building public speaking and speech work

Public Speaking

Through our Public speaking programme we encourage clear, fluent and expressive speaking, and encourage students to feel comfortable and confident when speaking in public

Casting Agency

Having seen a huge array of talented students being commended year after year by The Irish Board of Speech & Drama and by adjudicators at feiseanna.

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Fiona Bourke
B.Ed., PG.DIP., P.Dip.S.E.N., L.I.B.S.D.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for information, advice and assistance. We’ll be delighted to help you in any way we can. It’s what we do