• Gender: Female
  • Hair colour: Brown
  • Eye colour: Hazel
  • Age: 11
  • Height: 115


Skills: Caoilfhinn loves to sing and dance She enjoys her Speech Drama classes and her dancing classes She attended Starcamp last summer and again this summer where she is having great fun Last year she was luckly enough to be picked to be part of a group of children to record the song Solitaire for Childline She has fond memories of her day in Cork recording the song Caoilfhinn also likes playing football with the U8s in her local club and is learning to swim Loves doing karaoke and performing in front of people
Biography: Caoilfhinn recently was selected to be part of a video created by RTEjr to celebrate everything that is autumn In 2015 she was picked to do a pilot for a production company She had the lead role and spend two days filming and has experience of working with cameras taking direction and learning lines We have the pilot but for copyright reasons we cant put it up Caoilfhinn is 7 years old born in 2009 She is determined fun loving and cheerful She is enthusiastic and displays a spotaneity and vivacity in her interactions