This exciting class promises to be an exciting experience for the
2.5-4 year olds (preschool)
It will be packed with puppetry, stories, rhymes, songs and lots more! Each lesson will be tailored to encourage social interaction, communication and development of imagination through drama..

Infant classes – this is a continuation of the confidence building work done in the 4-5-year-olds group. Filled with more fun filled learning activities, speech and phonic games, pronunciation work, speech rhymes and exercises, poetry, dramatic pieces, improvisations, role play, dressing up, puppetry and lots more..

6-8 years
Speech and language games, vocabulary building, confidence building, improvisations poetry, puppetry, mime, speech and pronunciation work, dressing up, movement to music, story-telling acting, and lots more fun filled activities.

Middle (8-10) and senior groups (10 upwards) Enjoy acting, solo and group drama, improvisations, games, poetry, mime, expressive and dramatic movement, role-play, team work, puppetry, effective communication, reading technique and public speaking
Solo and group drama, improvisations, team building, voice and accent work, Public speaking
Through our Public speaking programme we encourage clear, fluent and expressive speaking, and encourage students to feel comfortable and confident when speaking in public
Join our casting agency – Auditions for T.V. commercials, films and lots more….

Your opportunity to be a STAR!

The lively and imaginative approach used in our classes, ensures that students are encouraged and quickly lose any inhibitions they may have. Our modern speech and drama exam syllabus and encouraging examiners, further ensures our professional and child/student-centred approach. (Exams are optional). Individual attention is assured.