In 2023, Fiona decided to combine her two passions-Speech & Drama & The Irish Language and so launched Draiocht.

  • Draiocht offers classes in Drama through Irish
  • A National Examining Irish Speech and Drama Board


Our classes focus on our students developing confidence to learn and use Irish.

We use puppetry, poetry, theatre games, role-play storytelling, mime, team building public speaking and pronunciation work.

We pride ourselves in establishing the first Speech and Drama Board through Irish in the country.

We offer a structured graded programme.

Our Draiocht classes equip each student with many important tools to help them to achieve their full potential

While learning and developing a wide vocabulary students develop their personality, interact with their peers, enjoy new skills and most of all have lots of fun, in a lively and creative environment.

All of our students gain a confidence and a love for the Irish Language.

This we hope will help our Draiocht students in both oral and aural exams in the future