We are pleased to announce that we have an amazing new public speaking programme starting this October.

Our aim is to encourage and help students to speak out with eloquence, confidence, conviction and pride realising that their voice is important, their opinion matters and that they have the power to make a difference. Through our public speaking syllabus/course students develop good speaking, listening and evaluating skills. Students will learn how to plan, structure and practice speaking in an encouraging, supportive environment. We provide a structured incremental approach, developing effective speaking and presenting skills. Our course will focus on clarity of speech, confidence building , voice techniques, pace, pause, emphasis, rate, projection, tone, structure, presentation and research technique. Our course will also benefit students for Oral exams, Class based assessments, job interviews as well as having a positive impact on their day to day communication skills. Our public speaking training begins as young as senior infants, however students can join at any stage.

In addition to our wonderful new Public speaking programme, our students have the opportunity of doing Public Speaking exams with The Irish Board of Speech & Drama to diploma level.

Stand up, stand out Walk to the podium with pride and Purpose. Be grateful.

Your voice is unique,
your voice should be heard,
Your voice matters!