‘I did three workshops with young people from The Fiona Bourke School of Speech and Drama in May of this year.

I found Fiona fantastic, and brilliant with the kids and I got a real sense of a happy school that works hard but has fun too.

In all three workshops I found the young people were charming, outgoing, confident and enthusiastic.

The benefits of attending the school could really be seen in the teenager’s workshop however. They were keen, had a good awareness of what makes a good performer and what makes good drama. I saw some real talent – but more importantly saw teenagers who were generous with each other and had a good sense of themselves. A great day – and a real pleasure to be welcomed to such a thriving school.’

Alan Howley (FAIR CITY Actor)

Caoilfhinn began Speech & Drama Classes at the Fiona Bourke School at age 3. She loves the classes and it has helped and continues to help to build her confidence and improve her language skills. I would highly recommend Speech & Drama Classes with Fiona Bourke.
Michelle Lavelle

Both my children attended Fiona’s speech and drama school. They both loved it. My daughter Abbie still attends Fiona’s speech & drama class and she loves every second of it.

Fiona has an excellent way with the children. They are so drawn to her. Her style of teaching is so unique. They come away from her class beaming and full of smiles. I noticed as a parent how their confidence and vocabulary improved so much (eg) my sons essay writing and comprehension is outstanding. His memory for poetry is unreal.

My daughter who is 8 years now is blooming with confidence and again her imagination and memory skills are outstanding. Fiona’s ability to enhance a child’s social skills is remarkable .This I have seen at first hand in my children. Every parent knows how important social skills are for a child to blossom. Fiona’s speech and drama school is a place where your child will develop at their own pace, to their full potential, while having a lot of fun.

Mary Maloney

My daughter Paula has been doing speech and drama with Fiona since she was 5 years old, she is now 12. The classes have given her the opportunity to learn, and to express herself in a creative, pleasant and comfortable environment. Not only has her self – confidence improved but she looks forward to and thoroughly enjoys her speech and drama classes. It is wonderful to see her communicate and interact with people in a confident manner.

Fiona is an excellent role model and a positive influence on her.

Loretta Waldron

I think it is great for building up confidence, while having lots of fun and making friends at the same time.
Rose Walsh